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"2007 Tournament"

I got a call tonight from Avery of Plum TV, he was the camera man who spent time at the weigh-ins and the awards dinner catching all the excitement.

Our segment will be part of the morning show sometime between 8am-10am on Monday (Labor Day) and then again during the 3pm and 8pm rebroadcasts of the show. In the Hamptons, Plum TV is on Channel 18. If you don't get channel 18, you might want to check out www.plumtv.com and see if they put the segment up in their video section. Or you can wait and see it this winter at one of the meetings.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Kathy Hummel


8"Parting is such sweet sorrow, but like all good things, the HOI must come to an end."

As Yogi Berra has said "it ain't over until it's over" and for the JODEENE (Joe Laface, Jr) that meant bringing in the first place bluefish (8.32) at 11:45am today. That was the only change to the boards with the exceptions to two corrections to last night's report: White Water's big eye came down off the Day side since it wasn't the minimum weight, and the 2nd place Canyon Bound big eye was 135, not 137.5 as previously reported. The final standings can be found on www.hamptonsoffshoreinvitational.com. Thank you to the Gatto brothers for this beautiful addition to our event and our website.

Ray Geminiski and his son Chris photographed this year's event from Captain's meeting through the party. Go to www.shvillagephoto.com in the next couple of days and click on EVENT PHOTOS ONLINE link for the instructions for viewing and ordering your prints. Ray and Chris provide the photography free of charge and a portion of the proceeds from any prints ordered will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Thanks for being a part of our event.

2007 FUN FACT: While we may only have fished 4 1/2 days, the 72 boats that left dock this week scaled 226 fish for a total of 12,917.97 lbs (I just wanted to show off my amazing calculating skills while under the influence of several gin and tonics.)

Now on to the fun stuff.....

Tonight's party was an awesome way to end a not so spectacular week of weather but a grand week of fishing. It was great having dinner with 600 of my closest friends and not have to do the dishes. Oakland's once again put on a fabulous spread and were great hosts. Thanks to Doug and staff for a job well done.

Thanks also to the set-up crew of Wendy Rattler, Jane Maloney, Joe Tagliavia Jr, Harold Holzman, Walter Case, Rick Rattler, Rob Maloney, Steve Rizzo, Doug Oakland, Mark Cox and Scott Horowitz. I'm sure there were others, but we were all hurrying and scurrying and I kept losing track of who was where.

Thanks to the Big Brothers Big Sister volunteers who manned the merchandise, raffle and Silent Auction tables. It was nice having you there and a pleasure to meet the people that benefit from our event. Bill Tymann, CEO of BBBSLI said some very nice things about us (all true) and reminded us that the monies raised at the HOI stay here on the East End and because of our continued success they are able to help 775 children and families in need.

Scott thanked the sponsors, contributors, tournament committee and volunteers that made this year's event go so well. Then it was on to the awards. First were the trophies for category and species winners. White Water Marine then presented the Grand Champion Awards for the boats in each category with the most points; congratulations to SANDRA JEANNE (Mike/Chuck Forman) in the Day Category with 659.20 points and to SEA U II (John Dellatorre) for earning 801.10 points in the Overnight. Since Danny Azzato of Fish & Wildlife Taxidermy wasn't able to make it tonight, Scott gave out the Marlin Catch and Release trophies for him to LE DAY OFF (Frank Lenihan) in the Day Category and SHADY LADY (RON COLANTINO) in Overnight; honorable mentions went to SHELDRAKE, JACLYN ROE, NO EXCUSES and MAD HATTER.

Joanne Schneider did her 50/50 magic and put $1193 in the pocket of the lucky winner (and $1193 in the pot for BBBS). The "Battle of the Bait & Tackle Businesses" gave folks the opportunity to buy chances on rod/reel/tackle packages from Haskell's Bait & Tackle (didn't hear who won), East End Bait & Tackle (Rick Rattler) and Stalker Outfitter's (don't know that one either). Thanks to these three great establishments for their generosity.

And then it was the moment many were waiting for....the Contender drawing. And everyone in the room went home empty handed. The boat was won by some lucky guy in Bayshore. I guess there's always next year.

And THEN, the dancing began. I personally witnessed the captain/crew of the MIS STRESS II shaking their groove things off to the side while the dance floor rocked and rolled. I hope no-one hurt themselves. When I left, the outside bar was still hopping and folks were enjoying one more night of summer.

OH, I almost forgot the most important part. While the final count will happen later this week, it appears that the 2007 Hamptons Offshore Invitational to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island (drum roll please) raised $100,000!!!! Nobody does it better than the SMTC. Go ahead pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it.

And from me. Thank you to everyone for participating in this wonderful event, I love being a part of an organization that gives from the heart like we do. Thank you for being patient about my inability to change the weather (I'll work on it over the winter), trust me I wanted you out there fishing as much as you wanted to be out there. Thanks to those of you who expressed concern (and alarm) about my lack of sleep. Thank you for the kind words about the daily messages, I'm glad you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them. And in the "you learn something new everyday" category: I was told this week that fish lose weight while they're on ice and that's why you guys are so hot to get them to scale so quickly. Well, if that's all it takes, Jenny Craig should just watch out, because I'm working on the ICE IN A BOX weight loss program. Look for it at your favorite retail establishments soon.

So I leave you tonight with my favorite bar closing song (from those days when I used to "close" the bar), sing along if you know it:

Bom-ba-dee-da-bom-ba-dee-da/Happy trails to you, until we meet again./Happy trails to you, keep smilin' until then./Who cares about the clouds when we're together?/Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather./Happy trails to you, 'till we meet again.

Sleep well, you anglers of the deep, may you dream of calm seas and fantastic catches.

Kathy Hummel


"Whether the weather be fine/Whether the weather be not/Whether the weather be cold/Whether the weather be not/We'll weather the weather/Whatever the weather, whether we like it or not" Anonymous

And weather it we did. We didn't get to fish alot, but a lot of fish were caught.

We gathered quite a crowd on the dock in the fog tonight. Anglers with their wagon loads of fish mingled with friends and family watching and waiting (or weighting). There were 12 day category boats, 6 overnights "cross-fishing" as day boats and 23 overnights returning from afar. The Kazdin Tag Team of George and Amy covered the recordings and I just tried to direct traffic as best I could.

ANGLER (James Haney) kicked things off this afternoon with 4 yellow fin (59.5-73.5) matching the 73.5 already in third on the Overnight Board. Gregg DeSantis and Jazzy Jeff of BARBARIC stunned the crowd with a 80lb yellowfin to replace their first place entry from Monday along with another yellow (58) and 3 albies including the new third place (33.5-59.5). LEGAL HOLIDAY (Howard Kessler) entered their 2 yellows (65.5 & 67.5) and a 57 lb albie and the crew of ENTERTAINER/SEA LEVEL (Harold Holzman) put 2 yellows (66 and 61lb) on the hook. GREYHOUND (Rick Fayer) tried to stay on the board with their 2 yellowfin (68lb and 72 lbs). SEA U II had a full house with at least one of every species: 2 big eyes (112.5 and 111.5), 2 yellowfin (70.5 and 65), an albie (39.5), a mako that put them on the board in 2nd (152) and a mahi (11.42). MAD HATTER (Jim Hummel) came close to the board with a 59lb ablie and a 71.5 yellowfin. MAXIMUS (Bill Demchak) tried to move up in the yellowfin standings with a 74 and a 65.5, and GIDDY UP (Jim Matuski) brought us a 61lb yellow. UNICORN V (Bud Brands) pulled up to the scale with 70lb yellow, followed by EYECATCHER II (Frank Pollina) with first place big eye (150lb) and 32.5 wahoo. PAPA (Michael Papajohn) snuck in a 71lb yellow, while CANYON BOUND (Ron Owsenek) maneuvered his way up to the scale with 2 big eyes (135 and 127.5) for second place and a 70.5 yellow. After hitching a ride home from SeaTow, LADY JANE (Rob Maloney) and crew arrived safely to put up 2 yellows (68 and 64.5) and a 49.5 albie.

STATEN ISLAND YACHT SALES (Rich Lucas) waited their turn to weigh in 2 big eyes for third(133, 100.5), 3 yellowfins (twin 72.5lbs and 60.5lbs) and a 11.06 mahi. SHADY LADY (Ron Colantino) tried with a 66.5 yellow and a 46 albie. John Haley on the REEL LUCKY started the afternoon's wrap-up with a 64 lb yellow and a 44 lb albie. LAUREN (Rich Suth) gave us a 53.5 albie and CATHY'S CHOICE (Anthony Prudenti) had a 69lb yellow, a 45.5 albie and the new third place mahi (13.7). Good Samaritan NO EXCUSES (Marc Martino) almost missed weighing in their 3 yellows (63, 59.5 and 58) and reporting a white marlin catch and release when they slowed down to help lead in a boat that was having difficulties in the fog.

3 of the Day boats returned with offerings to the scale: SANDRA JEANNE (Mike/Chuck Forman) put up 2 yellows (66.5 and 51) and a 6.52 mahi. WHITE WATER (Tony Vaccaro, Jr) scaled the 2nd place big eye (99.5), a 62lb yellow and a 45lb albie. Woody Worth (FISHIN' MISSION) upgraded his first place bluefish to a 7.08.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Go get your wristbands NOW. Put them in the car, your purse, in the pocket of the pants you're wearing to the party--but find them and put them where you find them by 5pm Sunday. You will not get into the party without this fashion accessory. There will be no replacements available at the door.

Make sure you bring your mad money to the party. Joanne Schneider will be doing her 50/50 dance, the Silent Auction has great stuff you'll want to take home and the raffle is chock full of prizes. And Spellman's will have the Zodiac there for bidding.

Remember, tomorrow is a "short" day for anyone that might want to make a quick run for the day (weather permitting). Weigh-in is from 10am-12pm. And then the books will be closed for another year.

Off to rest up for the big to-do.

Kathy Hummel


"Daaay Boats! Daay Boats!
Click Here or on the Picture to play a short video
8They bring da fish and we weigh them in/Tuna, Mahi, Bluefish too/Day Boats come and we weigh da fish!/Weigh, we say weigh, we say weigh/Day Boats come and we weigh da fish!" inspired by SMTC Treasurer Steve Catarella.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! Today was a go! And 54 of this year's 82 boats took off like so many salmon spawning up river.

The Day boat count was 23 and 12 of them brought fish to the scale. Since I was on "crowd control", Amy Kazdin, Steve Catarella and "Chief" Luce worked with Tash to weigh in 31 fish while our Elder Statesman John Hyland and his granddaughter Rachel observed from the table.

Not sure of the order, so we'll start from the top with Boat #1 SANDRA JEANNE (Mike/Chuck Forman) who backed up to the scale with two yellowfin (55.5 and 58), 7 albies (34 to 41 lbs) and kept 2nd place mahi but upgraded it to 13.22lbs. TOO LUCE (Larry Luce) didn't put anything on the scale but dropped off several tag and release cards for makos he encountered today. C-JOY arrived mid-weigh in with the new 2nd place yellowfin (72 lbs), ALYSSA ROSE (Bill Durbec) tried to get on the board with his 8.46 lb mahi. FISHIN' IMPOSSIBLE (Mark Freedman) closed tonight's weigh-in with a 68lb Yellowfin, and 3 albies (twin 43.5 lbers and a 46). First time participant MASTER BAIT (Chris Orsaris) put up a 63.5 yellow and the new second place albie (51.5). LE DAY OFF (Frank Lenihan) tried again today with a 50.5 lb albie. MIKAT II (Mike Dixon) added to the albie pile with a 49 lber. VICTORIA (Mike Gadman) weighed in a 64.5 Albie and 3 albies( 37.5-44lbs). CAROL LIBBY (Don Law) off-loaded the new first place yellowfin (74 lbs) and a 40.5 albie. FISHIN' MISSION opened up the bluefish category with a 5.78lber. LONE PINE I waited outside the basin for his chance to weigh in 2 albies (41 and 44.5) and was followed by WHITE WATER MARINE (Tony Vaccaro, Jr) had two more albies (46 and 40.5) and a 66lb yellowfin. No fish for FOUR CLOVERS but they did host the "Adventures in Fishing with Ray Kelly" camera crew, so we look forward to seeing them on TV soon.

31 Overnighters left but 8 of the "red" boats opted to fish for the Day. JT EXPRESS (Joe Taormina) scaled the lone fish for the category, a 66lb yellow that missed the board. There was a 200 white marlin released by JACLYNN-ROE (Ron Moschetta). 23 boats are due back tomorrow so we'll see what happens.

Check the leaderboard (and an archive of my 2007 words of wisdom at http://www.hamptonsoffshoreinvitational.com/

This afternoon's crowd included Avery from Plum TV, who was getting footage for an upcoming episode; Chris Geminski of Southampton Village Photo, who was covering for his father Ray as official photographer, and as always, our faithful supporters and cheerleaders.

Thanks to Brian from White Water for his added presence at the weigh-ins this week. He's been keeping track of the fish weights for the Grand Points Champion trophies being awarded by White Water Marine at the party on Sunday.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that there will be a weigh-in for the returning Overnighters. Hope to see you there.

Kathy Hummel


Today is a GO for everyone!
Friday August 24st, 2007

8Future generations will be told of the great sound of chest thumping and manly men noises that were heard throughout the region as word spread that anglers had been released from their weather imposed exile. While their women and children wept with joy and sighed with great happiness that the water warriors would be able to venture forth in search of conquests from the deep, it is said that off in the distance one could hear the quiet taunting Siren call of the mahi, mako and tuna, "Catch us if you can, we've been waiting for you. Ha, ha, ha."

(In other words, today is a GO for everyone!)

See you at the scale. TGIF, Baby!


"Someday I'll wish upon a star/And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.Where the weather report says it's a go/Out the Inlet in search of mako/That's where you'll find me. (sorry. OZ fans)
Thursday August 23st, 2007

8We're still waiting for that someday, but I did peek at the forecast for Friday and Saturday and it looks like things might be turning around for us. We'll just have to wait and see what the mornings bring.

Thanks for tuning into "WISHIN' WE WERE FISHIN' " last night. I heard the Arbitron ratings were through the roof and my agent tells me that Sirius and XM Radio have started a bidding war. Some of my fans let me know about a few points that I need to clarify: 1. Departure time is 5AM (not 5:30am), and 2. Small Craft Warnings in the coastal forecast trumps sea conditions in both reports (until it's lifted by NOAA). I hope I got that right this time.

Thanks to the send-off crews that each morning had to awaken and make the decisions that no one wanted to make: Joe Martone, Peter Galindo, Hank Altenkirch, Brian Tymann, Bill Tymann, Mark Cox, the guys of East End Bait & Tackle. And also thanks to the folks that helped with weigh-ins on Sunday and Monday and/or have been on stand-by these last couple of days: Steve Catarella, Amy Kazdin, Mike Ohlstein, Walter Dreyer, George Kazdin, Pam Horowitz, Wendy Rattler, Jane Maloney, John Hyland, Pat and Fred Lederman. (If you're scheduled for Friday or Saturday, you're not off the hook yet).

Here's hoping that Friday is a go and we'll get to see you at the scale.

Kathy Hummel


Welcome to "WISHIN' WE WERE FISHIN" on WHOI, I'm your host Kathy. Tonight we'll be taking calls from some of this year's participants. And here's our first caller..
Thursday August 23st, 2007

Kathy: Hi, thanks for calling WISHIN' WE WERE FISHIN'. Who's on the line?

CALLER: Hello, this is the captain of the "HOLY HAND GRENADE OF ANTIOCH" and I'm in the Overnight division.

Kathy: Good to hear from a Monty Python fan. What's your question?

CALLER: Well, my friend is the captain on "U CAN TUNE A PIANO, BUT U CAN'T TUNA FISH" in the overnight division and he said that he's going sharking on Saturday if it's a go for the day division. How can he do that?

Kathy: Good question. As an overnight entry you have three options for leaving the dock:
There's the straightforward overnight division approach: leave on two overnight trips as long as you return between trips and the weather on the day you leave meets the Offshore sea condition parameters.
Secondly, you can fish 4 individual days as long as the weather for the Day category meets the safety parameters and you follow the time constraints of that division by leaving after 5:30am and returning by 7pm that same day. In this case, you would weigh in any fish you have by 7pm.
Lastly, you can fish a combination of one overnight and two individual days.

CALLER: I think I understand. If I want to stay out overnight, I have to follow the overnight division sea conditions as written in the rules, and if I want to fish for a day I can if it's ok for the Day division boats to go and I get back by 7pm. But I only have two cards, how can I go for 4 days?

Kathy: If you look at your cards, you'll see that there are really 4 cards when you tear them apart at the black line. If you're going for the day, drop one card; if you're going overnight you drop two cards.

CALLER: I get it. But what about any fish I weigh in at the end of a day trip? And how far can I go during a day trip?

Kathy: What about them? Any fish you put on the scale will get counted and compared against that species on the Overnight board. You're not changing divisions, you're just opting to fish for the day. You're still an overnight boat.
As for where you go after you leave the dock: anywhere you want, as long as you feel safe and can return by the end of weigh-in. We didn't install tracking devices in the boat number you have posted in your window so we won't know where you went. You just have to be back by 7pm to weigh in any fish and/or avoid a call to the Coast Guard.

CALLER: thanks for the info. I think I understand now.

Kathy: glad to help. Did you have any more questions?

CALLER: just one. Are there any more tickets to the Dinner in the Dunes? I heard it was sold out.

Kathy: A secret stash of dinner tickets was found after the Captain's meeting, a very limited amount were available last I heard. I don't know if there are any left, but if you give Scott Horowitz (631-921-3944) a call he can help you.

(sound effect of boat horn)
Kathy: Well, that sound means we're out of time. Thanks for joining me on tonight's WISHIN' WERE FISHIN'.
Tune in next time when we'll tackle the "FISH or CUT BAIT" debate and talk to the creators of the FRIG-HUM lure.

Announcer Don Pardo: The boats and captains depicted in this radio teleplay are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. And any weather references are strictly for example purposes.

Kathy Hummel


"I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay/Watching the tournament roll away/Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay/Wastin' time"
Wednesday August 22st, 2007

8Actually, I'm sitting on a chair at my desk just like the rest of you waiting out the weather.

OK, what if we all took a deep breath at the same time and blew out as hard as we could in the same direction, could we move this crappy weather somewhere else? Heck, if Peter Pan can save Tinkerbell by asking little kids to clap, we should be able to move a bunch of clouds and wind. Just a thought.

A correction to yesterday's posting: LE DAY OFF is Frank Lenihan's boat; LE CHEF is Frank's fantastic restaurant in Southampton.

Tomorrow is another day.

Kathy Hummel


"It's deja vu all over again. No go for today, so no changes to the standings."
Tuesday August 21st, 2007

8I did forget to thank two people in earlier messages: John Byrnes for loaning me the hand-held VHF for the weigh station this week and my friend Barbara for bringing me sustenance yesterday morning so I didn't kill anyone in my sleep deprived state.

AND, I failed to let you know about the Marlin releases that have been submitted. In Day category, LE CHEF (Frank Lenihan) had a 400lbs (estimated) Blue Marlin on Sunday.

SHADY LADY (Ronnie Colantino) and SHELDRAKE (Nathaniel Kramer) both had Blue Marlin on their overnights estimated at 500 and 400 respectively.

Even if you don't have anything else to weigh, but you released a blue or white marlin, you should stop by the weigh-in station (if we ever get going again) and fill out a points slip. The award, sponsored by Fish & Wildlife Unlimited Taxidermy, will be presented at the dinner on Sunday.

RAFFLE TICKETS: If you have raffle ticket stubs (the green ones) and money OR you're looking to buy more of the $20 raffles, please see us at theweigh-in table or get in touch with Steve Catarella.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

Kathy Hummel


"They was a-splishing and a-splashing, reelin' with the feelin'/ Moving and a-grooving, rocking and a-rolling, yeah/Bing bang, I saw the whole gang/Putting fish up on the dock, yeah!"
(My apologies to Bobby Darin)
Monday August 20th, 2007

Oh how to describe this day? Should I start with the 5am wake-up call to help Bill Tymann and Peter Galindo make the send off decision? Or the 7am call from Pam Horowitz with a message from Scott that we needed to get the weigh in going as soon as possible to make it safer since the weather was going to change as the day went on? Or the 8 1/2 hours I spent weighing in fish with the help of John Hyland, Pam Horowitz, Steve Catarella, George Kazdin, Brian from White Water Marine, Tash and James?

OK, let's start with the numbers: 39 overnight boats returning....29 of them weighed in 2 or more fish and young Sam of the ARIEL weighed in one fish. You do the math. Oh, all right I'll help....that's 96 fish for a total weight of 5231.28 lbs. I guess starting the weigh-in early turned out to be a wise decision or I'd still be sitting at the table weighing in fish by flashlight.

8 We began at 10am with some of the boats that had already returned: SHELDRAKE (Leigh Schroeder) put up 2 Yellows (65 and 63 lbs), an Albie at 43 lbs and a heartbreaking 123lb mako (the minimum is 125); JT EXPRESS (Joe Taormina) added to the count with a 47.5lb Yellow, two mahis (42 and 43.5lbs) and the first mahi of the day at 3.9lbs. GREYHOUND's (Rick Fayer) delivery added to the yellows (48.5 and 50), albies (48 and 45.5) and their mahi at 5.86 put them on the board in third place. FISH THIS (Owen Schwartz) weighed two yellows (65 and 59 lb) followed by LOVE TO (Peter Kunz) with 2 yellows (71 and 65), 2 albie (44. and 33.4) and a mahi (5.34). PATTY G (Bill Decker) ended his trip with yellows (65 and 62.5) and a 37.5 albie. DEBORAH A came up with a 59 yellow and a 46 albie. GIDDY UP (Jim Matuski) arrived with a 61.5 yellow and 54.0lb third place albie.

After that everything's a blur as boats arrived and fish were weighed so I'm going in order of boat number. MAXIMUS (Bill Demchak) added 2 yellows (57.5 and 76) putting him in second, and a 45.5 albie; MISS STRESS III (Randy Allen) came to the dock with a 58.5 yellow and two albies (46.5, 45.5); LADY JANE (Rob Maloney) took first place mahi with a 14.8lb and also weighed a 53 lb albie. ANGLER (James Haney) added to the pile with 2 more yellows (69.5 and 67) and a 41.5 albie. NEW HORIZONS (Kevin Basham) brought in yet more yellows with a 66.5 and a 73. The LADY PAMELA (Scott Horowitz) got on the board with their second place mahi (13.84), plus 59.5 and 52 lb yellows and a 45.0 albie. Jaro and the HOT PURSUIT II scaled 2 yellows (71 and 62) and an albie (38.5). OCEAN RAIDER (Mark Edwards) weighed in after going home for a nap and put up a 53.0 yellow and a 50.5 albie. MAD HATTER (Jim Hummel) picked his two largest--31 yellow and 52 albie. ENTERTAINER/SEA LEVEL (Harold Holzman) split their offerings into 3 yellows (66lb to 71.5) and a 52.5 albie. NO EXCUSES (Marc Martino) added 2 yellows to the pile (51.5 and 59). Even after wounding themselves on the way out AND on the way home, PAPA (Michael Papajohn) dropped 7 yellows ranging from 54-70lbs and a 32.5lb albie. BARBARIC (Gregg DeSantis) pulled right up to the scale with 3 yellows (77.5, 65 and 67) putting him first and 3 albies (48., 47.5 and 46) for good measure.

But wait, there's more.....CANYON BOUND (Ron Owsenek) put his 2 yellows (59.5, 60), 2 albies (42.5 and 35) and mahi (5.36) on the scale. CATHY'S CHOICE arrived this afternoon with 2 yellows (66 and 67) and CHASIN' TAIL (David Mambrino) landed on the board in first place with 2 albies (65 and 64.5). LEGAL HOLIDAY (Howard Kessler) deposited a 68.5 yellow and the second place albie (64.5). SEA U II took third with one their two yellows 973.5 and 70). SUNDAZE (Ernie Spellman) caused a great amount of ruckus when they threw their 187.5lb first place mako on the scale, and added two yellows (61, 54) for good measure. KNOT ENOUGH took a chance with a 62.5 yellow and 5 mahis ranging from 35.5 lbs to 45 lbs.

Lastly, ARIEL (Ned Kaplan) brought in a 48.5 albie and REEL LUCKY (John Haley) wrapped the day up with two more yellowfin (59.5, 50) and a 36.5 albie.

The forecast is not looking good for Tuesday, but check it in the morning to make sure.

Don't forget to call Scott (631-921-3944) by 7pm on Tuesday if you want more dinner tickets. There is a VERY limited number available. So dial fast.

That's all she wrote, for tonight anyway.

Kathy Hummel


"We're weighin' in the rain, just weighin in the rain": sung by the Weigh Master Chorus at their debut performance this evening.
Sunday Aug 19th 2007

Joe Martone and Peter Galindo had a rocking morning with 25 Day boats and 40 Overnighters leaving during the send-offs. Thanks for doing a great job.

The report from the Daytrippers was that the weather was beautiful on the high seas, however, at the weigh-in table things were bit damp. Before the sprinkles began, JODEENE (Joe LaFace) kicked things off with a mako but alas it was too small for the board. LE DAY OFF (Frank Lenihan) arrived with a small albie that he didn't put up, but he did fill out a form for the Marlin Release trophy with a 400 lb (estimated) Blue Marlin. The rain started just as the crush of multiple weigh-ins began and MORNING BELLE (Joseph Larucci) backed up to the scale and off-loaded a 150lb Big Eye for first place. Lanny Molnar and the crew of GRAND BAHAMA MAMA put up a 52.5 lb albacore for first place. VICTORIA (Mike Gadman) arrived with 2 yellowfin (66.5 lb and 58 lb) entering them 3rd place and a 38.5 lb albacore. CAROL LIBBY (Don Law) waited patiently for his chance at the scales to put up a 59 lb yellowfin. The first salvo in the Vaccaro Vessel battle was shot over the bow when Anthony Jr (WHITE WATER) scaled 3 yellow fin (ranging from 63 lbs to 69.5 lbs) for second place and 40.5 lb albacore. After this the weigh-in order gets fuzzy as we were weighing fish from wagons while boats were swapping places at the scale. TOO LUCE (Larry Luce) deposited a 2nd place albie at 51 lbs and SPELLMAN'S MARINE (Doug Wells) closed the category with a 47lb albie. SANDRA JEANNE (Mike/Chuck Forman) put down 2nd place Mahi (11lbs), a 29lber Yellow and two albies (40 & 38.5lbs). C-JOY (John/Walter Dreyer) finished the mahi division with a 10.1 lber plus their 33.5 yellow. Continuing the father/son mahi hat trick was FISHIN' MISSION (Woody/Ryan Worth) when Ryan weighed in his 14.58lber. Not to be outdone by the mahi mob, BIMINI BUM (Anthony Vaccaro Sr.) upstaged Tony Jr., by putting his 71.5 yellowfin in first place. MIKAT II (Mike Dixon) patiently waited outside the scale to take a chance with a 59lb yellow and a 45lb albie. PATRIOT (John Burns) brought in 2 albies (37.5 and 44lbers) and lastly, REEL THERAPY (George Yakaboski) ended our busy evening with his 42.5 albie. All of this was from just 16 of the 25 day boats that went out today. The tough luck award goes to the crew of FOUR CLOVERS (Jim Schneider) who battled an engine fire/failure but limped home safely.

The lone Overnighter to return from their day out was UNICORN V (Bud Brands) and put themselves on the board with a 39.5 lb albie.

Today's awesome weigh-in crew was John Hyland, Fred and Pat Lederman with help from Jane Maloney and Wendy Rattler. Tash, Brian and Doug Jr., did a great job on the scale. The rogue's gallery was full of folks waiting for their water warriors to return. Thanks to all for taking the rain in stride and keeping the spirits high.

So what will tomorrow bring? Well, the weather looks iffy, but there are 39 overnighters returning and we've already heard that fish have been brought aboard. Come see us at the table, but you might want to bring your foul weather gear or a change of clothes.

And then there were 82....2 of our Overnighters had to drop out on Sunday: Gusto IV/John Hyland (engine with nasty smoking habit) and Rotten Kid/Paul Albarano (crew defections). We'll miss the competition of these two long time HOI participants.

OVERNIGHT ANGLERS PLEASE NOTE: if you are going for the DAY, drop one card; if you're going OVERNIGHT than drop two cards. IF you drop only one card I will be looking for you to return at by the end of weigh-in of the day you left. Today we had three Overnighters drop one card, but two of you didn't return by the end of weigh-in so I had to assume you were spending the night. Please don't make me assume or worry--we want to make sure everyone is safe.

There's one in every crowd (today there were three): It is of the utmost importance that the back of your drop card is filled out completely--THAT INCLUDES LISTING A LANDLINE PHONE NUMBER of someone that knows your plans for the day. Tonight I had three cards with NO INFORMATION on the back. Happily, I didn't need to find you, but.....

MARLIN RELEASE TROPHY: Fish Unlimited Taxidermy (Danny Azzato) is again sponsoring the Marlin Release Trophy for each division. If you catch and release a Blue or White Marlin, stop by the weigh-in station and fill out a form with all the details. No Form--No Points.

Our condolences to Lanny Molnar and his family on the death of Lanny's father-in-law today.

Late Breaking News: a secret stash of dinner tickets have been found. There is a VERY limited number available. If you desire more dinner tickets, you have to contact Scott (631-921-3944) by end of weigh-in Tuesday.

Don't forget to check the leaderboard at http://www.hamptonsoffshoreinvitational.com/

See you at the dock,

Kathy Hummel


"The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind."

Sat Aug 18th 2007

Maybe we should have asked a different question because, unfortunately for us, it was not the answer we were looking for on our first day of the 2007 HOI. Due to small craft advisories and seas forecasted beyond our safety measures, fishing for today and tonight are canceled.

So our leader board stands naked and awaiting for another day.

Hoping to see you tomorrow!

Kathy Hummel


"Welcome back to the Hamptons Offshore Invitational"
This is our seventh year of fishing for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island and we're on the way to breaking records starting with 84 entries--50 overnight boats and 34 day boats.

Imagine my feeling of deja vu when I arrived at the Captain's meeting this evening--and the rain began to fall on the tent and water ran under the walls. I guess it's true that the more things change, the more they stay the same. At least I had the right shoes on this time.

As far as I could tell from my "administrative annex" where I spent the evening only mingling with those who ventured by to check-in, everyone had a great time at the Captain's Meeting. With the most boats ever, I figure there were more than 300 people hanging out enjoying dinner from Job's Lane Deli (Thanks for the hospitality Simrad) and imbibing in a beverage or three.

Thanks to Tony & James Gatto, we have a website dedicated to the HOI. Follow this link and everyday you can check the leader board and get all the information you need to catch all the great happenings during the tournament.

Of course, no event happens by magic. Thanks to the folks who set-up (I missed this exciting part of the day so I can't tell you who the elves were), to Barbara Casciotta and Amy Kazdin for checking in the masses, to Kaitlyn Hummel and Steven Tagliavia for being our Bucket brigade, to Joe Tag Jr for educating our anglers, to the Big Brother Big Sister volunteers who sold merchandise and raffle tickets, to the sponsors who support us, to the staff of Oakland's, to the Tournament Committee, and anyone I missed since I couldn't see over the crowds.

Now to the business portion of our evening:
Thanks to White Water Marine, a Grand Champion in each division will be awarded. In each of the Captain's packets you received a description of this element of the tournament. To recap: you should weigh in the largest fish in each species that you bring in at the end of each trip; you will receive points for every fish weighed in. Even if your fish doesn't put you on the Leader board, you will get points towards the Grand Championship. White Water will have a "weighmaster" at the dock each day to record your catch during the weigh-ins. A copy of the guidelines will be at the weigh station.

The Dinner in the Dunes is SOLD OUT!
(I know, big surprise. But I have to say it anyway) so please don't offer me your first born, your dog, your house, your car, your spouse....or anything of value that you think worthy of bribing me with to get another ticket.

Please be kind to the friendly faces that will be sending you off in the mornings (and be glad that you won't see me that early in the morning) and to the welcoming committee when you return to weigh in your fish. With 84 boats, every day has the potential to be more "fun" than anybody should be allowed to have.

And, please, please, please be patient/kind/considerate to the dock staff while they gas, ice, deliver bait--generally serve your every need. "Remembering" them for their services will also be appreciated.

At this writing, Saturday's not looking great for either category, but as we know this could change. So take advantage of the day and get those hooks sharpened.

**If you know someone who might not be getting the updates, send me their email address and I'll them to the mailing list**

Here's hoping for a better Sunday!

Kathy Hummel

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